Hay Day

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Hay Day FAQ

Hay Day is a fun farming mobile game. Supercell created Hay Day and launched it in 2012. Players go on a charming agricultural adventure regarding all aspects of farming with their farms.

Players must care for their farms, including growing crops, rearing animals, creating buildings, trading produce, and expanding their farms.

Hay Day Diamonds are a premium in-game currency to enhance your farming experience.

You can use Diamonds to instantly complete tasks like growing crops or producing goods, purchase exclusive decorations, machines, and animals, improve storage facilities, expand fishing areas and nets, buy mystery boxes and more.

Players have multiple ways to earn Diamonds, including leveling up, obtaining mystery boxes, achieving milestones, and receiving rewards from events. For added convenience, you can also securely top-up Diamonds online through popular local payment methods on the Carry1st Shop.

While you can acquire Gems through gameplay, purchasing Diamonds offers a seamless path to advancing and enriching your gaming experience

  1. Go to shop.carry1st.com
  2. Scroll down to the games options
  3. Select Hay Day
  4. Select the Hay Day Diamonds denomination you would like
  5. Enter your Player Tag
  6. Purchase your Hay Day Diamonds through local secure payment methods (No credit card needed)
  7. Your account will be credited instantly

No. Diamonds and Hay Day Passes are added directly to your game via your Player Tag, which you got when you bought the Dimonds or Farm Pass.

No, Carry1st is an authorized distributor for Supercell. We have established direct integration with their games to ensure the seamless delivery of their purchases to our valued customers.

Yes, it is entirely secure. Your account can only be accessed with your Player Tag. Carry1st will never request your login credentials, and you must never disclose your login and password to anyone.