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EA play (Electronics Arts Play) formerly known as EA Access is an online video game subscription service by Electronics Arts which offers users access to games published by Electronics Arts that are played on Playstation 4 (in 2019) and 5, Microsoft Windows, XBOX One(in 2014), Xbox Series X, and Steam (in 2020)

To join EA Play, follow the below steps:

  • Go to www.ea.com
  • Select subscriptions
  • Scroll down to Join EA Play
  • Select the EA Play subscription of your preference
  • You can choose to either buy for yourself or gift a friend
  • Add to cart and join EA Play

The EA membership can be purchased for a month or a 12-month subscription. With an EA Play membership users get exclusive access to:

  • Member only game content
  • Trials to new releases
  • Play new games before launch
  • Unlimited access to a library of EA Play title games like Need for Speed and Battlefield
  • Great game genres to choose from
  • Discounts on EA Play digital content including game downloads
  • Amazing In-game rewards

The global EA Play subscription can be activated in 41 different countries in the world. The subscription has two options, a monthly subscription and a yearly subscription. If the subscription is suspended users are denied access to the games.The subscriptions can also be platform or game specific. Users can purchase PS4, Xbox, and Apex Legends subscriptions online on Carry1st Shop.

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Steps to redeem the gift voucher code on your Steam account:

  1. Log on to your EA Play account and go to billing settings
  2. Select Payment methods
  3. Select the Add more button next to EA Wallet
  4. Input the EA Play code sent to you via email and click submit
  5. You have successfully redeemed your EA Play gift card voucher

  • This voucher code may only be redeemed by users with a EA Play account .
  • The EA Play gift card voucher cannot be redeemed for cash, refunded, or returned, except as required by law.
  • All payments for EA Play gift card vouchers are final and not refundable and we do not allow exchanges on digital orders.
  • Value from the EA Play gift card voucher code cannot be used: with Family profiles; to purchase other voucher codes or gift cards
  • The value associated with this voucher code expires three years after the date of first activation and the expired voucher code may not be re-activated.
  • Offer not valid in combination with any other offer and cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Misuse of this voucher code may constitute fraud. In certain cases, we may limit or decline to honor the voucher code value if you are unable to present satisfactory proof of your identity upon our request.
  • Issuer is not responsible for lost or stolen voucher codes, or unauthorized use.

For full Terms and Conditions, customer service and more information, including how to determine the balance of your gift card, visit https://tos.ea.com/legalapp/eaplay/US/en/PC/  

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