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Purchase Call of Duty: Mobile top-ups for CP and Battle Pass to elevate your in-game experience at your convenience. CODM gamers in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, and other countries can make use of popular local payment methods. Skip the need for a credit card, directly top up Points, and acquire the Battle Pass through the Carry1st Shop. See all game gift card vouchers.

Call of Duty: Mobile FAQ

COD Points and the Battle Premium Pass are available for the following countries:

- Nigeria

- South Africa

- Morocco

- Egypt

- Ghana

- Kenya

- Algeria & Tunisia soon!

You need to have a valid CODM account opened in these countries to purchase COD Points or Battle Pass.

Please note that if you are in a country outside of the above-listed, you will not be able to see the product

COD Points (CP for short) are the official in-game currency of Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM), enabling you to purchase in-app cosmetic items and weapons.

The CODM Battle Pass is a rewards system that allows players to progress through tiers and earn in-game items such as unique rewards like weapon camos, outfits, weapon blueprints, and even more COD Points than the free Battle Pass.

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down to the games options or Search CODM Direct Top Up
  3. Select your desired COD Points package or the Battle Pass,
  4. Input your CODM Player ID (found under the ‘Legal and Privacy’ section in Settings),
  5. Check your in-game name after your Player ID is validated.
  6. Purchase your COD Points through local secure payment methods (No credit card needed)

 After completing payment, you will receive your items directly in your CODM account!

Call of Duty: Mobile is free to download on the Google Play Store and on Apple’s App Store.

Battle Pass progression is tied to completing daily and weekly Tasks, which are visible within the Battle Pass menu by tapping the Tasks button. Tasks are also displayed at the end of every Multiplayer and Battle Royale match.

Tasks can range from earning a certain number of Medals to playing and completing matches. Every player gets two Daily Tasks and five free Weekly Tasks, which involve challenges that may take longer to complete than Daily Tasks.

Premium Pass members also have access to career-long Elite Tasks as well as additional Weekly Tasks.

To collect XP through Tasks, return to the Tasks menu, tap Claim next to the completed Task.

It is also possible to use COD Points to purchase Tiers, which is optional and not required.

You have the flexibility to purchase COD Points or the Battle Pass through either the Carry1st mobile app or the Carry1st Shop website. However, we highly recommend using the mobile app for a smoother experience.

To find your PlayerID:

1. Log in to your CODM profile and enter the game lobby.

2. Click on the "Settings" button at the top right.

3. In "Settings", click on the "LEGAL AND PRIVACY" tab and you will find your PlayerID.

Yes. After you provide your Player ID, we will validate your Player ID and show you the nickname that you use in the game.

You will be shown an error message stating why you got an error.

Yes, you can! Make someone's day by purchasing COD Points or the Battle Pass as a gift. Simply enter your friend's CODM Player ID during checkout.

Activision is unable to take any action on a player’s account such as deleting the account without them supplying BOTH their Player ID and Privacy ID (two separate IDs). Do not give away your Privacy ID, which should never be shared.

No. CODM Battle Pass and COD Points are non-transferable and are meant for use within the account they were purchased for. We recommend entering your Player ID carefully while making a purchase.

Yes, you can purchase on Carry1st Shop for multiple CODM accounts.

Yes, we frequently offer exciting discounts and promotions. Keep an eye on our website, register to get special offers via email, and follow our social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter) to stay updated on the latest offers.

If you encounter any issues with your CODM Battle Pass or COD Points purchase, such as not receiving them in your account, please contact our customer support team by using available channels here.

Unfortunately, CODM Battle Pass and COD Points are not eligible for return or refund once they have been purchased and redeemed.

CODM Battle Pass and COD Points are virtual in-game items that are instantly delivered to your CODM account upon purchase. Due to their digital nature and the fact that they are used within the game immediately, we cannot process returns or refunds for these items.

We offer a variety of payment options tailored to African customers. You can use major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. We also support popular local mobile wallets such as Chipper and Ozow, in addition to international options like PayPal. Payment methods may vary by your location, so you can check during checkout for the available options.

VIP Rewards is a loyalty program in which you earn VIP Points with every purchase in the Carry1st Shop. As you accumulate these VIP Points, you'll progress through VIP Levels and win reward Carry1st Gems to buy items.

You get VIP Points when you complete your purchase with any payment method except Gems.

Yes. You can purchase CODM COD Points and Battle Pass items, or any other games in the Carry1st Shop, by using your Carry1st Gems.

Enter your Player ID and check your account details such as your in-game name and account country of origin retrieved from CODM. CODM Battle Pass and COD Points are non-transferable and are meant for use within the account they were purchased for so make sure to use your Player ID.

Yes, you will get an order confirmation email after your friend receives their gift in their account.

No, your friend will get their items directly topped up into their account. However, you will be notified after fulfillment is being completed.

Yes, you will get your purchased items directly topped-up to your CODM account.

If you encounter any issues with your CODM Battle Pass or COD Points purchase, such as not receiving them in your account, please contact our customer support team by using available channels here.

No, you need to use your Player ID when buying COD Points or Battle Pass on Carry1st Shop.

If you have accidentally entered another player’s Player ID and completed the purchase, we cannot reverse the transaction. Always double check your Player ID and ensure your nickname is correct before payment.

No. COD Points purchased on the Carry1st Shop cannot be used in or transferred to other Call of Duty games. Use of COD Points is not available in all Call of Duty games, is dependent on functionality and is subject to change.

No. The CODM Battle Pass is separate from any other Call of Duty Battle Pass and does not transfer to any other Call of Duty games.

Call of Duty: Mobile, or CODM for short, is an adrenaline rush. CODM is a free-to-play mobile game that brings the famous "Call of Duty" PC game franchise to smartphones and tablets. CODM was launched in 2019 by Activision. 

There are plenty of reasons as to why this mobile game is so popular. You won’t ever get bored of various action-packed gameplay modes, like team-based multiplayer, battle royale, and playing in iconic maps from other Call of Duty games. 

Also, players can customize their airdropped weapon supplies, access various types of weapons and shoot their way to the top spot at events and challenges to earn rewards.

Call of Duty: Mobile delivers an immersive and action-packed gaming experience like no other for fans of Call of Duty who are on the move.

Join different WhatsApp/Discord communities where you can meet fellow CODM gamers, connect with them and get teammates that you could play professional tournaments with them.

Your sensitivity settings are specific to you. Play around and discover what works and gives you the best results. Usually, high sensitivity is suitable for players with an aggressive playstyle, while lower sensitivity is suitable for players with a passive playstyle.

It depends on what works best for you. Try different options to see what works best for you.